Welcome to Sir Winnies

Sir Winton’s Pub is proudly located in the history rich heart of Vernon, British Columbia. 

Over the years, the history of Vernon has evolved and changed and with it, so has the downtown core. The plot of land that Sir Winton’s calls home today has deep roots in the community with the current footprint of our building being recorded on Vernon City maps since 1908.

From steam laundry to delicious eats and refreshing drinks

The original building housed Vernon Steam Laundry, which not only serviced the surrounding community but also the nearby Army Base throughout World War I and II. The building also still homes its historic safe in the basement from the original building.

From there the building was rebuilt, redesigned and eventually re-named Sir Winston’s Pub. Even though times have changed, Sir Winston’s has been able to hold onto the historic feel and embrace its charm. You will be welcomed in as one of our own and feel like you can pull up a chair at our table.

Welcome to Sir Winnies, we would love to have you over for a bite and a sleeve of your favourite draft.

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